Version 3.83 (May 19, 2018):

Fix: Application Administrator Token installation errors.

Version 3.82 (March 20, 2018):

Improved: Language handling. If any text is missing, that particular text is display from English langugage.
Fixed: Hotfix for Facebook forced HTTPS redirects.

Version 3.8 (March 10, 2018):

Added: Facebook for Android third party token in User CP.
Added: Default IMGUR Client ID in Admin Settings, to allow photo upload by default.

Version 3.7 (January 10, 2018):

Fixed: User last active time was being updated on invalid password login attempt.
Improved: Email sending. Now supports server's own email handling as well. Option available in admin panel.

Version 3.61 (April 23, 2017):

New Feature: Multi Image Post Type.
Improved: Post Type ICONs.
Improved: Standardized Post Logs display to be consistent with other tabular displays.
Improved: Miscellaneous Improvements.
Fixed: Bug preventing App ID change in Admin Panel.
Fixed: Prevent posting Album & Multi-images to Liked Pages.
Fixed: Invalid Link to Page/Group for Liked Pages Posts in Post Logs.
Fixed: HTC2 Token Bookmarklet.

Version 3.51 (April 17, 2017):

Improved: Third party access tokens and the steps descriptions.

Version 3.5 (April 09, 2017):

Fixed: Third party access tokens.

Version 3.4 (March 18, 2017):

Improved: Removed requirement for FB API version override for getting all groups.
Improved: Groups import via File.
Fixed: Icons for third party access tokens.

Version 3.36 (February 12, 2017):

Fixed: Unable to select groups/pages names from the list.
Fixed: CRON posting not showing error messages in Post Logs in some cases.

Version 3.35 (January 11, 2017):

Fixed: Dailymotion video posting.
Fixed: My Crons list breaking past the table on long texts.
Fixed: CRON scheduling ignoring maximum user posts and auto-pause.
Fixed: Post logs via CRON runs containing invalid perma-links.
Fixed: Uploading groups file not working in Metro - V3 theme.

Version 3.34 (January 06, 2017):

Fixed: Post logs breaking past the table on long texts.
Fixed: Confirmation based buttons not working in Metro - V3 theme.
Fixed: Post failure in CRON if it contains special characters.
Fixed: Minor other fixes.

Version 3.30 (January 05, 2017):

New Feature: Shorten links option. Can now automatically shorten links for Link type post.
New Feature: Support for FB Video just like Youtube Videos, for Video type post.
New Feature: New theme Metro - V3. Consistent, faster and fully responsive.
New Feature: Support for FB API v1.0 as well. Not recommended, but can be used if needed.
Improved: CRON posting.
Improved: "Maximum posts on each Cron run" setting now applies to each user.
Improved: Option to input token if tester invitation is not received during sign-up.
Improved: Miscellaneous Improvements.
Fixed: CRON post delays with multiple users.
Fixed: Removed invalid access token shortcuts.
Fixed: Group/Page selection when clicking their names.
Fixed: Added some missing images.

Version 3.16 (December 20, 2016):

New Feature: Simplied Chinese language.
Improved: Admin time zone now defaults to new users.

Version 3.15 (October 21, 2016):

Fixed: Logs showing all posts as page post with server based delay.
Fixed: Bug in post logs for Liked Pages.
Fixed: Minor bug for online demo.

Version 3.13 (October 18, 2016):

Improved: Liked pages too, can now all be deleted from the list.
Improved: Third part access tokens process. Now an easy 2-step process.
Improved: Admin Panel. Purchase code can be viewed and updated easily.
Removed: Access token